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Igor Gross


Igor Gross started as a classical percussionist with a lot of collaborations in all the main Austrian Orchesters (Wiener Philharmoniker, Wiener Staatsopernorchester, Radio Sinfonie Orchester Wien, Tonkünstler Niederösterreich,…).  During his studies at the Musikuniversität Wien (Konzertfach Klassisches Schlagwerk), he more and more developed is primary interests: contemporary music, electronic music, freely improvised music, composing and working with composers, and especially using the vibraphone as his own electronic sound machine.
He started playing with the main Ensembles for contemporary music, as Klangforum, Ensemble Phase, Ensemble 20. Jahrhundert, Ensemble Platypus, the Black Page Orchester,… . His ambition to work with contemporary composers has made him a specialist in implementing the composers ideas on his instruments.
In the last years he has continuously expanded his repertoire of sounds on the vibraphone and various percussive instruments, that he combines with different electronic devises. As a result he will release his first solo LP „sourdough“ in Spring/Summer 2016. He is very fond of the Idea that music can develop and transform, as life does in the process of fermentation. It is one of his primary interests to always keep on searching for a new or different way to realize ideas and sounds in music.

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