Peter Ablinger (1959)

Black Series (2013) for rock band

Alessandro Baticci (1991)

Mister DMA (2015) premiere for alto flute, electric guitar, snare drum and live-electronics

Mister BLP (2014) for solo flute, ensemble and live-electronics

Eat, eat and eat again (2013) for solo flute and live-electronics

Ultramarine (2019) for digital string octet

Michael Beil (1963)

String Jack (2016) for cello, live-electronics and live-video


Wojtek Blecharz (1982) 

blacksnowfalls (2014) for timpano and video

David Bird (1990)

drop (2015) for string octett and strobe lights

Kaj Duncan David (1988)

micro .· micro : micro .·:: micro .:·.:  (2017)

Georgy Dorokhov (1984 - 2013)

concertino (2010) for performer and ensemble

Katharina Ernst (1987)

PHASES (2020) for solo drumset and amplified ensemble

Nuño Fernández Ezquerra (1992)

Ex essentia machinae (2016) for sax, percussion, piano and electronics

Sara Glojnaric (1991)

Indispensible Ms. Jones (2016) for ensemble and electronics


Hanna Hartmann (1961)

Rainbirds (2010) for amplified flute and irrigation sprinkler

Mirela Ivičević (1980)

The F SonG (dominosa VII) (2014) for ensemble and electronics

Jam Spookiku (2006) for saxophone, electronics and live video

Case Black (2016) for ensemble and electronics

Relax! You are going to die (2015) for violoncello and electric guitar

Scarlet Song (2015) for percussion and electronics

Baby Magnify / Lilith's New Toy (2018) for ensemble

Dream Work (2018) new soundtrack for Peter Tscherkassky's experimental film, ensemble and electronics


Brian Jacobs (1982)

Dis Un Il Im Ir (2013) for flute, keyboard, piano and electronics

Alexander Kaiser (1985)

Mechanical Dogs (2019) for ensemble, electronics and lights


Alexander Khubeev (1986)

Sounds of the dark time (2011) for amplified ensemble

Ghost of Dystopia (2014) for amplified ensemble and conductor with acoustic sensors


Hikari Kiyama (1983)

Kabuki (2009) for ensemble

Death Metal Rock With Headbang (2013) for distorted violin

Lehmanesque (2016) for flute, violin, piano and percussion


Matthias Kranebitter (1980)

Nihilistic studies 4 - 6 (piano as neurosis) (2013) for piano and electronics

Nihilistic study no.7 (2013) for ensemble and live-electronics

Dead Girl (Requiem E) (2015) for flute, electric guitar and electronics

Cembalokonzert in Es-Dur (2010) for sound sculpture, video, ensemble and electronics

Konzert für die unsichtbare Hand (nach Adam Smith) (2014) for saxophone, e-guitar, piano and electronics

The Complete Unfiguranted Eglaitarian Aural Realism (2018) for flute, violin and electronics

Polychotic Listening Tasks (2018) for 5 musicians and 5-channel electronics


Johannes Kreidler (1980)

slide show music (2013) for 7 instruments, audio and video playback

die "sich sammelnde Erfahrung" (Benn): der Ton (2012) for ensemble, electronics and video

Charts Music (2009) for ensemble and video

Ulrich Krieger (1962)

Up-Tight II (1999/2010/2018) for amplified string quartet

Bernhard Lang (1957)

DW 23b "Loops for Dr. X" (2014) for E-flute, Clarinet, E-Cello, E-Guitar, Piano and Keyboard


Mikolaj Laskowski (1988)

Oh, to Rub the Waxy Buddah (2015) for 2 samplers, piano, percussion and electronics

Enrique Mendoza Mejia (1978)

Federkrone (2017) for flute, bass clarinet, piano, percussion, cello and electronics

Hugo Morales Murguia (1979)

Five Violinized Utensils  (2014) for violin and objects

Peter Mayer (1986)

Fleischwolf (2014) for electric guitar, ecquipment and electronics

Destruction of a woman´s heart (theme with no variations) (2013) for flute, electric guitar, saxophone, percussion and electronics

Wolfgang Mitterer (1958)

networds 14#2 (2016)

Brigitte Muntendorf (1982)

Public Privacy #1: Flute Cover (2013) for flute, video and playback


Sarah Nemtsov (1980)

Journal (2015) for 5 instruments and electronics

Seven Thoughts - Her Kind (2018) for keyboard

skotom.orchesterstueck (2019) for ensemble with electronics

white eyes erased (2015) for keyboard and drumset


Stefan Prins (1979)

Piano Hero #1 (2011-2012) for midi-keyboard, live-electronics and video

Fremdkörper # 2 (2010) for sax, percussion, e-guitar , piano and live-electronics

Generation Kill - Offspring 1 (2012) for cello, percussion, 2 controller player, live-electronics and video


Eva Reiter (1976)

Konter (2009) for bass flute and electronics

Daniel Riegler (1977)

Käfig V (2009) for violoncello and electronics

Christof Ressi (1989)

batsu gemu (2017) for saxophone, keyboard, percussion, live-electronic and live-video

Fausto Romitelli (1963 - 2004)

Professor Bad Trip: Lesson I (1998) for ensemble and electronics

Rafal Ryterski (1992)

Disco Bloodbath (got to be real) (2018) for ensemble and electronics


Elena Rykova (1991)

101% mind uploading (2014) for 3 performer and piano


Jorge Sanchez-Chiong (1969)

USED REDUX (from Autocine) (2012) for ensemble, video and electronics

Cénotaphe Pizzazz (2019) for turntable solo and ensemble

Elisabeth Schimana (1958)

Virus #2.5 (2019) for quintet and 5-channel electronics


Alexander Schubert (1979)

HELLO (2014) for ensemble, electronics and video

your fox´s, a dirty gold (2011) for solo performer with voice, motion sensors, electric guitar and live-electronics

Point-ones (2014) for sensor-augmented conductor, ensemble and live-electronics

Serious Smile (2014) for sensor equipped esnemble (piano, percussion, cello, conductor) and live-electronics


Martin Schüttler (1974)

Schöner Leben III (girl you know it´s true)(2009) for flute, neon light and electronics

Dein Penis (2012) for snare drum, violoncello and feedback system

Rojin Sharafi (1995)

Ask my Ash (2017) for saxophone, violoncello, percussion and electronics

Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928 - 2007)

Mikrophonie I (1964) for tamtam, amplification and 6 performers

Øyvind Torvund (1976)

plans for future ensemble pieces (2020), for ensemble, electronics and slide show

Jennifer Walshe (1974)

This is why people o.d. on pills /and jump from the golden gate bridge (2004) for 1 - 10 performers


Oliver Weber (1976)

Heat Wave (2015) for ensemble and electronics