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Kaja Farszky


Kaja is a versatile percussionist who is active as a soloist, but also collaborates with different chamber ensembles, orchestras and theatre artists.


Contemporary music productions have a prominent place in her repertoire, many of which are first performances or pieces rarely performed in Croatia.


In 2014 she was awarded by the Jeunesses Musicales Croatia for the most outstanding musical achievement in 2014 and by the Croatian Composers’ Society for the best performance of a Croatian composer at the 47th Darko Lukić Young Musicians’ Competition.

She got her musical education at Music Academy in Zagreb and Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya in Barcelona. Her musical life was largely marked by many guest performances in Europe and worldwide.


Her approach to music performance is characterized by excellence of the performance, but also by a clearly defined extramusical dramaturgical concept, carefully thought through. She dedicates equal attention to the visual elements as well as elements of the scene and her performances are characterized by a powerful artistic personality, both in the classical music performances and in the most challenging pieces of contemporary music literature. 


She is an active musician in classical, contemporary, improvisation and music-theatre scene, as well as the author of individual works and projects. 

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